by Jenna Tyrrell

April 21, 2022

“You can’t out train a bad diet” you’ve all heard that one right?  Exercise is an essential part of the health and weight loss matrix, but we can’t rely on it alone.  Our nutrition and the foods we eat always need to be addressed, assessed and often adjusted when embarking on a fitness or weight loss journey.

Good nutrition allows you to enjoy years of vibrant health. In order for your body to perform at its best, a balanced and nutritious diet is essential.  We can break down our diet into the 3 better known macronutrients (macros): fatprotein and carbohydrate. These enable us to support our daily health and provide us with energy.  It is also important to look at Micronutrientsvitamins and minerals which are found in smaller quantities in foods. These are equally important and necessary in maintaining health and to ensure our bodies are operating optimally.

Fibre is often an overlooked part of the diet puzzle. Found in complex carbohydrates such as: 

  • whole fruit & veg
  • wholegrains
  • lentils, legumes, beans & pulses
  • nuts & seeds

Here in the UK we average an intake of 18g of fibre a day, however according to the NHS, we should be consuming 30g per day. Fibre plays a huge role in feeding our gut microbiome which we’re understanding a lot more about how it optimises everything from: 

  • digestive health
  • weight management
  • immunity
  • mental health  

A 2017 global study showed a low intake of wholegrains was the single dietary factor associated with the most deaths in the US and Western Europe.[1]  

Good health and nutrition will look different to each person depending on age, gender, lifestyle, activity levels, overall health and goals.  What we can however, unite on what is classified as a poor diet according to UK health guidelines: A daily intake of more than:

  • 6g of salt
  • 30g of added sugar,
  • 20g (women) or 30g (men) of saturated fat

With such guidelines in mind, a diet consisting of mostly whole foods in their natural form, home cooked foods and one minimal in processed foods OR takeaways is always going to serve your health best and an easy place to start.  Just 3 large slices of vegetable takeaway pizza contain 12g salt, double your daily allowance.

Here at HIT35, we don’t prescribe or promote specific diets, in fact we don’t promote ‘diets’ full stop! We know that with these short-term diet fixes, 80% of dieters gain back the weight they’ve lost and more.  Instead, we approach it from a bespoke, bio-individual perspective and encourage the idea of an achievable way of eating for weight-loss and long-term maintenance, predominantly focusing on whole foods in all their varieties. 

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About the author 

Jenna Tyrrell

Jenna is our resident nutrition coach and expert all things nutrition. She has a particular interest in the gut microbiome "it's linked to everything!".

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