Strength Club

We know that deep down, everybody wants to feel like a total badass in one way or another - that's why we created our new Strength Club. This is a chance for you to feel powerful'll lift more weight and feel stronger than you ever have before!

  • Learn the major lifts
  • Feel stronger than ever before
  • Perfect your technique


Major Lifts

Each session will focus on a single major compound lift, spending the first half of the session warming up, teaching the movement, highlighting common errors & correcting form before practicing the lifts with weight involved. The second half targets accessory exercises and movements that can help improve the chosen lift, followed by a short WOD prior to cooling down.


Learning movements

Most sessions involve working in pairs, taking turns at lifting while the other observes. This allows each participant to see and evaluate the technique of others (with guidance from coach leading the session), which in turn helps them improve the quality of their own lifts. The better understanding you have of each lift and technique that's required, the faster you'll see improvements.


Finishing WOD

Each session finishes with a WOD (Workout Of the Day). Each WOD will be loosely based around the major lift of the session.

These are not CrossFit-type WODs and are designed to help you in future Strength Club sessions, rather than just to see how much you can possibly do.

Pricing & times


£11.50 / SESSION

You can pay for each session at the time of booking via the app.

  • 1x session per week (4 per month)
  • 60 minutes per session

  • Tuesday evenings @ 7pm