by Ali Hitch

June 6, 2022

Historically the menopause has been seen in a negative light. Society has labelled women who are menopausal as ‘over the hill’ and ‘past their prime’.  It wasn't until recently that we understood that "the Menopause" was split into three parts - Peri / Menopause / Post. So, with all the information around now about the menopause, we know the historical view is nonsense. We know that the menopause is about the decline of hormones. And, we know that with great coaching, you can take control of your situation with management and design of your training, nutrition, sleep and stress. Here are a couple of things that are super important:

Lift Heavy Sh** (LHS)

One thing you’ll hear Dr. Stacey Sims talk about often is LHS, or Lifting Heavy Shi*. In all honesty, ALL genders should be LHS from an early age, but this is even more important for women who are peri/postmenopausal. 

When I say LHS, I mean 1-6 reps with maybe 2 left in the tank, max! 

As you travel through peri to post, some hormones that help promote muscle growth and maintenance begin to flatline, and when you no longer have your original, natural ability for muscle growth and maintenance, you need another tool, which is where LHS comes in. 

LHS is vital for stimulation of muscle growth/maintenance. There’s also the incredible effect LHS has on bone growth, also important during peri/post but there's only so much we can tell you in a little newsletter article. Get in touch to learn more!


HIIT Training, Protein and More

The science around peri and post menopause has come a long way and we know a lot these days! There are many more things to chat about, such as the value of HIIT training and the importance of protein intake (when and how much). 

This is a topic we’re passionate about at HIT35 Bootcamp and our plan is to be known as THE local experts of training through the menopause. We can’t wait to start helping women feel strong, energetic and fearless through the menopause!

Join HIT35 Bootcamp.

Short, 35-minute sessions designed for busy people, looking for big results. Our workouts combine cardio and strength training in a high-intensity fashion. Each day we run a different workout, so you’ll never repeat the same workout twice. We aim to get you stronger, faster and fitter in less time than any regular class - in just 35-minutes!

  • Beginner-friendly - suitable for all fitness levels
  • Affordable - Far cheaper than your Barrys or F45.
  • Stay motivated by training in a group  environment
  • 35-minute workouts - designed for busy people, low on time!

About the author 

Ali Hitch

In a previous life, Ali was an England Premiership Hockey Player for Surbiton HC. Now he spends all of his time at the new HIT35 Bootcamp facility, putting all of his clients through their paces and working on the business - how times change!

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