by Ali Hitch

August 21, 2021

If we got a pound (£) every time we heard somebody say 'I want to lose fat from right here', we'd be topping Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates on the World's Billionaires List.

Here are the most common areas we hear mentioned:

  1. My stomach, I want it to be toned.
  2. These bingo wings, I just want to get rid of them!
  3. Ever since I had kids, my hips and bum just aren't the same - fix it please!

Prepare yourself! Here comes the big secret on how to lose fat 'right here'.

Here's What You Need To Do

Well, unfortunately it's not really possible to spot-reduce (more on this in a later post). We can't target a specific area of your body, let's say your stomach for example, and train it like crazy for a few weeks to see results in just that area.

That's not how fat loss works.

You'll see all sorts of ads online and on TV showing off amazing products that can 'burn off belly fat' or 'tone your legs and bum without any effort'. Rip-off artists at their finest ...if you want a good laugh, take a look at this: Waist Trimmer Scam Product.

There's no such thing as a magic pill, waist trimmer, or fat loss diet. Well, at least none that actually work.

The truth is, you must have a structured exercise program and good nutritional habits & behaviours to improve your body composition.

Your body will decide where it wants to lose fat from first. To begin with, it'll be the the easier areas but over time and with a dedicated exercise and nutrition program, you'll start losing fat from the more stubborn areas, like around your stomach.

You can help this fat-burning process by putting on a bit of muscle too.

Don't worry, it won't be bodybuilder levels of muscle. Muscle growth is a long and challenging process, so don't fret about getting 'too bulky', it won't happen.

Aim to look leaner, grow stronger and feel fitter. There's no use having a smaller waist if you can't even walk up the stairs or pick something up off the floor without getting puffed. Strong is the new skinny, and it's here to stay.

Our Fat Loss Program

So how can a Fitness Program and Nutrition Coaching help us lose fat and build muscle?

Well, there are lots of different ways to combine them to reach your goals. We'll tell you how we do it, because we know it works! (And don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some of our recent success stories).

Whether you're in a Bootcamp Class or doing 1:1 Personal Training with one of our coaches, we use a combination of cardiovascular and strength training to burn calories and build muscle.

You won't have to SLOG (slow jog) for 30-60 minutes anymore. Our 35-minute classes or 45-minute PT sessions will get your internal furnace firing away and burning calories at an amazing rate. Along with burning lots of calories, you'll find a level of strength you never thought you had, all while looking better in the mirror week-by-week.

Not only that, our Nutrition Coaching will improve any habits and behaviours that were holding you back from success. You'll enjoy a style of nutrition that fits in with your lifestyle and doesn't focus on cutting things out cold turkey style.

The End Result

You're leaner, stronger and fitter. You've built a bit of muscle and you're so happy with what you see in the mirror. You're clothes fit better, you're getting compliments from your colleagues at work and even your spouse has been making a few subtle yet suggestive comments.

Even though you wanted to lose fat 'right there', you've learnt it doesn't work that way. And that's okay, because you committed to an exercise and nutrition program, and now look better than you have in years.

So, if you want to 'lose fat right here', click the button below to book a Free Intro and we'll talk about how to get you there.

Join HIT35 Bootcamp.

Short, 35-minute sessions designed for busy people, looking for big results. Our workouts combine cardio and strength training in a high-intensity fashion. Each day we run a different workout, so you’ll never repeat the same workout twice. We aim to get you stronger, faster and fitter in less time than any regular class - in just 35-minutes!

  • Beginner-friendly - suitable for all fitness levels
  • Affordable - Far cheaper than your Barrys or F45.
  • Stay motivated by training in a group  environment
  • 35-minute workouts - designed for busy people, low on time!

About the author 

Ali Hitch

In a previous life, Ali was an England Premiership Hockey Player for Surbiton HC. Now he spends all of his time at the new HIT35 Bootcamp facility, putting all of his clients through their paces and working on the business - how times change!

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